“Building a Brighter Future: An Interfaith Approach Across the Board”

11 to 18 August 2017

At Ella , Elpitiya - Galle District of Sri Lanka

RYS is seeking about 50 international young volunteers (16-30 years of age) from diverse cultures and religions to join this historic project. This project will be attended by many RYS alumni from various projects held in the past 30 years to add flavour, hue and colour, share experience and discuss the importance of RYS for world peace.

Young participants will take part in a classic RYS leadership program, led by experienced, internationally renowned educators, including team-building exercises, lectures and interactions, interreligious discussions, religious site visitations, sightseeing/field trips, sports, fun activities and community service work.

The service part of the project will involve building a bridge to connect two parts of this village Ella (see pictures for the present condition). Our volunteers will provide what it takes to build this bridge together with the technical people. Once the bridge is completed, it will be used by 300-400 people daily in this rural village for their day-to-day engagements.

Also RYS is planning to build an interfaith centre for people to congregate for prays and other social activities.